The Team

In addition to our Leadership Team, we have both local and international talent available, covering every area you need to make your digital transformation a reality.

Need an inventory management system that’s tied in to your website and point of sale systems? Need somebody to help you make sense of your data? Need a stop-gap to get products into the public eye right away while you work on those integrations?

From data entry to proof of concept to “Go Live”, we’ve got you covered. 

CEO, Development Lead

Darryl Erentzen wrote his first computer program at the age of 11. He’s been online since 1993, the year Tim Berners-Lee drafted the first proposal for an HTML specification. In those days getting connected was a laborious mess and the payoff was negligible, but he saw the promise, and the Internet became a passionate interest.
From the first digital catalog, auto-updater and Website for Panasonic Broadcast and Digital Systems, to bringing an International Fine Arts BBS from dial-up access to the web, to NickelOdeon’s Natalie’s Backseat Traveling Web Show – a weblog, photo blog, and vlog created years before those terms were even coined; Darryl Erentzen – CEO of Erentzen.com – has been at the forefront of online innovation since the Web was in its infancy.

Media and Public Relations

Darlene has a background in marketing, media, social media, fundraising, writing, and event planning and management. She has an Honours Certificate in Fundraising Management from Algonquin College in Ottawa.
Darlene is a relentless promoter of local activities in her native Town of Newmarket, Ontario, and has won recognition from the Town as a Newmarket Community Positivity Ambassador during the Covid-19 crisis.

Video Training, Webinars, Email Automation

A member of the Professional Writers Alliance with 20+ years in the field, Erik has written cross-industry articles for a variety of publications and Websites.

Erik has also produced well over 600 Training Videos, Webinars, and Video Technical Support Tutorials.

Confused? Erik can explain.

Past Clients and Collaborators