The Deliverable: An outline of opportunities to achieve ROI in Digital Transformation.

An Executive Summary backed by data on your digital footprint. The outline is a precursor to STRATEGY, and takes your level of knowledge, budget, and other constraints into account. The aim is to understand the needs of the business, but also to frame an approach that considers human factors. After all, you need to be comfortable using your own systems.

Let’s figure out where you’re at

Are you ready for this? Where do you want be? At what scale?

A brief series of consultations, over 3 to 5 sessions, to lay the groundwork for creating a strategy for Digital Transformation of your small business. This is basically an analysis of your current state of digital adoption, current workflows, and readiness for change. Before you decide where you need to go, we need to understand where you’re starting. 

Step 1: Digital Transformation Opportunities Analysis

A SWOT Analysis of Your Business and Its Readiness for Digital Transformation

Strengths; Weaknesses; Opportunities; Threats

We’ll get together with you and your team and ask some probing questions, then discreetly deliver our conclusions directly to you. We’ll need unfettered access, but care will be taken to respect your company’s culture and avoid disclosure of sensitive information to employees or the public.