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I get it. It’s scary. Coronavirus has knocked the wind out of your sails and broken the rudder.

The scariest thing is that even though it’s already a crisis, this is just the eye of the storm and the only way out is through the other side.

It's going to be alright.

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I should have known better, but I was hit with a wave of panic when the government announced the beginning of the corona virus lock down. I thought that might be it for my business. How would I get new clients? What about the meetings I had already scheduled? What if everybody stopped spending? Even in a digital business it’s sometimes difficult to see past traditional expectations.

To my eternal relief, I learned better. On one hand I saw it coming, but I also thought that maybe people would be tightening the purse strings. You can’t always rely on people to do the smart thing.

The response of some of my clients has been not to hit the brakes and scale back on digital transformation, but to accelerate and double down on already-planned development. In turn, that’s forced me to re-evaluate the way my company was structured and take a new route.

The result is that while they’ve been speeding up their timelines and wanting faster changes and better tools, I’ve had to streamline my own approach and start changing the way I do business. I’m entering into new business relationships and attracting new associates, and it’s paying off in the ability to do more, diversify my offerings, and serve customers better.

In a recent Facebook post I jokingly said “Come ahead, we’ll scale up!”

Turns out, I wasn’t joking at all.

Here’s wishing all of you the same luck I’ve had, and offering a hand up for those of you who are smart enough to see the writing on the wall.

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