Detailed SEO Audit


A Complete SEO Audit

Get a page-by-page Detailed SEO Audit of your site that will not only enable you to improve your search engine rankings, but inform you of best practices and provide guidelines for moving forward.

SEO Done Right

No crap. No "get on page 1 of Google for some useless keywords that won't help your business". This is the real deal, the inconvenient truth, the facts.

An SEO Audit is not a magic bullet. It's a roadmap.

Somebody will still need to do the work of fixing things (we can do that, too) but after an audit, you'll have a detailed checklist of exactly what needs doing that you can hand off to whoever's going to do it.



SEO isn't magic

That said, there are tricks and tools you can use to make it seem just as amazing.

One good tool is a detailed SEO Report from With careful configuration based on your own knowledge of your business and your target keywords, our automated tools dive deep and compare the pages of your site to known best practices and the algorithmic peculiarities of search engines and social media sites.

SEO helps search engines give people what they want

Sure, there's an algorithm for everything, but that only helps if you can access tools that evaluate the right criteria. Some things are always changing, but the basics of what makes a page appealing and relevant are quantifiable and stay the same, since the algorithms are based on human behavior. Our proprietary in-house tools do aggregate research on multiple search engines to determine best practices.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and others aren't exactly forthcoming about the inner workings of their algorithms (trade secrets), but  they are very good about providing tools to let you know roughly how a given page is evaluated. We can use those tools - along with a few tricks of our own to pull things together - to tell you how to make your site stand out from the crowd. will:

  • Perform a full SEO health check on any website.
  • Highlight mistakes that may affect your rankings.
  • Identify advertising opportunities by highlighting keywords you should target for low-cost, effective ads.

This is a great product to pair with our "done for you" SEO Optimization (actually, you can't buy an optimization without it).


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