Buy Time

Purchase a block of hours in order to explore possibilities, conduct maintenance tasks, brainstorm, analyze, etc.



You might need to buy time

Generally speaking, Inc. sells results, not hours. 

Hours aren't scalable, clients need to know what they're getting, not just some amorphous expense with indefinite returns.

However, sometimes it's necessary to create an open-ended agreement for a block of time to devote to things like exploring possibilities, producing proposals, conducting regular maintenance tasks, and other work that can't be easily encapsulated in a product description, or constrained to a flat rate for a well-defined scope of work.

Sometimes clients just want someone to collaborate with. Sometimes people need technical support that isn't covered by an existing agreement.

In these cases, it may be convenient to purchase a block of hours, or "Buy Time".

"Buy Time" to:

  • Brainstorm
  • Create proposals / RFPs
  • Plan
  • Document
  • Support
  • Maintain
  • Collaborate
  • Learn


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